The city's special paper industry agglomeration...

Report from our correspondent (reporter bao han) yesterday, our city holds special paper industry negotiation meeting, fu genyou of secretary of party working committee of municipal committee, agglomeration area attends the meeting.
Special paper industry is one of the four traditional pillar industries in our city. After ten years of development, the agglomeration trend has become more and more obvious. Now it has become a new base and a leading position in the papermaking industry in our province. Till this September, there are 61 special paper enterprises in our city, with an output value of 11.2 billion yuan, accounting for about 10% of the industrial output value above the planning level. In the past two years, the output value of special paper industry in our city has increased by 12% on average. Compared with other industries in our city, the development speed and profit and tax growth rate of special paper industry are among the best. At present, there are 16 kinds of special paper in our city, nearly 70 varieties are subdivided, and the total output is 698.155 tons.
Fu genyou introduced the advantages of location, transportation, ecology and investment environment of developing special paper industry. He said that the municipal party committee and the municipal government actively conform to the development trend of the special paper industry, increase the support, and specially hire internationally renowned consulting institutions to carry out industrial planning consulting, tailored for the development map of the special paper industry in our city. At the same time, professional talents will be integrated to form a professional special paper research and docking team to provide "one-to-one" precision service for introducing domestic and foreign leading enterprises and promoting the development of existing backbone enterprises. The municipal special paper industry association will be established. The quzhou branch of China pulp and paper research institute, academician workstation and national laboratory will be established. The first electronic trading platform for special paper and 6S service platform will be established. The leaders of China pulp and paper research institute and some famous special paper entrepreneurs attended the meeting and made a field visit to zhejiang kaifeng paper, zhejiang huabang special paper co., LTD., zhejiang five star paper and other enterprises.
(source: quzhou news network - quzhou daily)
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