Special paper postpress processing points

In recent years, special paper has been widely used in digital printing due to its high added value. Although widely used, due to a wide variety of special paper, and different characteristics, combined with digital printing and a number of postpress processing processes, including the addition of surface finishing process, its uncertainty in the digital printing process than ordinary paper multiplied. The following is mainly for the special paper in the digital post-printing finishing process may appear problems in several process links for analysis.
1, the effect of
In general, because the surface of special paper has been special treatment, or some texture, it is inevitable to have a little bumpy, or after coating or itself has some special material cover, such as gold and silver paper, etc., therefore, in digital printing will rarely be coated on special paper. If the customer has this aspect demand, need to communicate with customers in time, suggest to cancel the laminating process, because of the specialty paper compared with the plain paper is special in its can show some texture effect and texture difference, and after coated can offset the effect of these accordingly, tend to be compact and specialty paper surface, is not conducive to glue penetration, more conducive to the joint between the film and paper, strong degree would be very poor.
2, hot stamping
In general, and special paper related digital printing process, hot stamping is more difficult. Because special paper surface has a certain particularity, is not easy to print or color, so hot stamping and UV glazing is relatively common. And after printing gold anodized aluminum can achieve some metal texture effect, and there are a variety of laser or refractive effect to choose from, this and the characteristics of the special paper itself echo each other, can get complementary effect, let a person shine.
3, UV glazing
UV light is another kind of commonly used digital print on post-press processing technology, applied to the specialty paper, prone to problems are: the specialty paper in part due to the surface through special processing, or with some of the particles in which leads to the UV light oil of coating will be quickly absorbed in great quantities, not forming a thick flat light oil coating in the surface of the paper, so that products AoTuGan is not strong, smooth and bright enough.
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