Quzhou establishes special paper base to realize differentiated competition by combining production, study and research

Quzhou specialty paper industry is booming with trucks waiting to pick up goods and new production lines being built. In the first quarter of this year, the city's output of specialty paper rose 14 percent.
On the one hand, quzhou strictly controls the environmental protection, and does not allow the enterprises with high pollution of special paper raw materials and raw material intermediates to enter, on the other hand, it encourages the development of special paper equipment and special paper products enterprises, and tries its best to build the "national special paper base".
Quzhou sets up special paper base construction technology innovation and special fund for new product development; quzhou branch is established with China pulp and paper research institute; longyou special paper branch of zhejiang university of science and technology is established; it develops projects together with tsinghua research institute, forming an integrated development system of production, learning and research.
With technical support, quzhou special paper enterprises accelerate the transformation and upgrading. Zhejiang kaiwang paper products co., ltd. has recently developed a successful transfer of digital printing technology, the pattern printed on the digital thermal transfer paper, then can be hot pressed on the cloth, a molding, has applied for a number of national invention patents. Zhejiang xiawang paper co., LTD. 's decorative base paper has accounted for 21% of the domestic market share, changing the situation of European products monopolizing the market.
Quzhou special paper enterprises realize differentiated competition and form the pattern of "one enterprise and one product" or "one enterprise and many products". "Master kong and the unified barrel noodles, 90% of the bowls are made of our coated paper." Shi zhong, chief engineer of zhejiang five star paper co., LTD., lists their customers on his fingers: xiang piaopao, KFC, starbucks and McDonald's……
Quzhou pays attention to the implementation of special paper industry's chain supplementation, extension and distribution projects, sets up special paper professional investment promotion bureau, attracts the listed companies such as kaifeng paper, taan paper, hengda paper and huabang paper to land in quzhou, and also introduces international famous enterprises such as Germany chardt, Singapore hikko and Britain Smith to invest. Today, there are 53 special paper gauge enterprises in quzhou with an annual output value of 14.7 billion yuan. Special paper products cover more than 100 varieties in decoration, food packaging, medical treatment, cigarette and other fields.
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