Two-day trip to hangzhou with all employees

Zhejiang five star paper co., LTD., in order to activate employees' spare time life, enrich their cultural life and advocate the spirit of unity, fraternity, mutual help and mutual assistance, organized all employees to participate in the two-day trip to hangzhou on June 11, 2012 on solstice.
The activities are divided into three groups: June 4-5, June 7-8 and June 10-11. Each batch of employees will start from the company at 8am on the first day and return to the company at 5pm on the next day. Although the day before work a little tired, but all the staff are very excited, very excited, because our first stop is hangzhou west lake, after more than two hours of driving, we arrived at the destination.
Through this travel, not only relieve the staff's usual work pressure and tension, but also cultivate the sentiment of the staff, improve their own culture, and then increase the cohesion of the company's staff, fully show the five star company team spirit, let us with a higher enthusiasm into the future work.
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