Special paper use tips: special paper printing should pay...

Album printing is a necessary publicity materials for many enterprises, in order to further improve the corporate image, many enterprises in the printing album will choose different paper - special paper. High-grade paper can more directly highlight the strength of the company.
However, special paper in printing is different from ordinary paper, today we will take you to understand the special paper picture book printing should pay attention to the problem.
1, the grain
When printing with special paper, we should pay attention to whether there is a conflict between the lines and the direction of the album binding, in order to save the cost of the paper opening method, and can achieve good results; Rich surface texture and clear lines of paper, printing ink may not be concentrated on the paper, will appear along the lines of fine leakage. Part of the special paper will be uneven, the mesh point is very fine, you can not choose; There are some domestic pearlescent paper and import pearlescent paper is the difference between the ink, domestic paper with poor ink color, usually after printing more gray, import pearlescent paper is to avoid this kind of problem; So to the dress picture album with high requirement to color colour, do not suggest to use homebred bead light paper, however design of some picture album chooses homebred bead light paper or ok. This mainly depends on the design drawings and customer requirements for album printing effect, after all, imported paper will be much more expensive.
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